DNS TXT Record Conflict Errors with Email

Hi all,

First time post here.

I am getting errors on my hosting account telling me that my DNS TXT records for email are incorrectly configured. My hosting is Hostinger and I have my DNS nameservers at host pointing to Cloudflare.

Not sure if these are right or wrong but I used the Cloudflare wizard to import my origin DNS from hostinger when setting up.

In my Cloudflare DNS config, I have multiple TXT records for FB and Google verification TXT, DMARC and SPF. For DKIM I have a CNAME record.

I have enclosed a screenshot of my Cloudflare settings for reference. As a new user I was not able to upload a screenshot of the errors at Hostinger. Perhaps I can do this later.

I have tried various different methods of adjusting TTL for the TXT records, there is no option for priority from what I can tell, and short of just transferring my domains out to Cloudflare I am at a loss as to how to fix it.

Would someone experienced in this area please be able to take a look and gently tell me what I need to do to fix this problem?

It looks like you hid part of your hostname, so we can not investigate this for you.

It’s best to view records on DNSChecker.org

TXT records don’t have priority settings. Only your MX records will.

Hi sdayman. thanks for replying sorry I did not want to reveal anything that could be a security risk so I am reposting it with the information open.

The TXT records in your screenshot are fully propagated:

So I’m not sure why you’re seeing some sort of error. I suggest you ask your host specifically what error it is.

Hi thanks again.

These are the errors from hosting account email DNS.

Honestly if this is too hard I might just transfer my domain to Cloudflare.


I would probably reach out to your host to verify, because your record does look to be correct. It isn’t identical to what they suggest, but that is normal and okay, your record needs to include their include: and also the clauses used by anything else that sends mail on your behalf, which in your case seems to be a +ipv4 clause.

In other words, what you are doing looks correct and normal, and it might be just their validation tool that is broken (or it might be something that hasn’t jumped out at myself or anyone else here).


Great thanks so much for this. I am so happy I reached out to this group for help. Would you recommend I transfer my domain out to CF though to avoid this in future?

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