DNS txt entries = No Email

I added an spf, dkim and dmarc record to my DNS here at Cloudflare - images attached. Of course, I couldn’t receive email in Outlook 2007

After removing the entries, mail works fine.

Any assistance in setting up DNS appreciated

SPF/DKIM/DMARC is for outbound mail and shouldn’t affect receiving mail…unless you sent it from that domain. I use dmarcian.com to test SPF/DKIM/DMARC, so give that a try. mxtoolbox.com is also good for troubleshooting email.

Thanks sdayman -

But for some reason, it did prevent receiving. The contact form on my site sent the mail but I never received it, an online forum sent an email to verify the address which never arrived, etc. Strange thing is, I’m on a WHM/cPanel server and the emails do show up in Horde!

I used this site : https://www.mail-tester.com/ and now, after removing the txt records even dmarcian.com shows that I don’t have records.

I don’t understand why

Never mind - it’s working now :exploding_head:

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These two statements contradict each other, so I suspect it was a matter of trying to fetch the mail. Glad it’s working now.

So to fess up I remembered that I was screwing around with gmail to send and receive using my domain name :scream: after deleting that nonsense -it works btw- all is good.


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