DNS TTL set to Auto - I Want To Change The Settings

All my DNS TTL records are set to Auto.

I want to change A - AAAA records to a specific seconds value, however, the Auto cannot be changed.

How do I change these values instead of having Auto as standard.

Also, what value in seconds is Auto anyway?

Auto is mandatory on :orange: Proxied records. It’s 5 minutes.

Hey thanks @sdayman good to know. 5 suits just fine.

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Also, to note: those values don’t matter much if it’s proxied as the underlying records change basically instantly while leaving the public IPs relatively static (they may change, but not due to specific changes by you).

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Thanks @matteo
That’s interesting. I’ve changed my DNS TTL’s at the cPanel DNS Zone to make the A - AAAA records refresh every 10 minutes, so as to help or push the propagation of the domain throughout the world ip.

I keep having Google explain to me that they cannot approve my products at their Merchant Center because the website landing page doesn’t exist. They think that because the domain hasn’t yet propagated completely.

So the theory is, shorted the TTL’s so that the propagation can happen quicker.

Ha, so I guess that rave is over.

Thanks again.

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