DNS troubleshooting with new website builder DORA.run

Hey there,

I am trying to fix DNS issues with my site + domain purchased and managed through Godaddy.
The website I created is hosted on a new web-builder platform still in beta called Dora.run

The website was working fine with default DNS settings from Godaddy and CNAME records pointed toward Dora.run as described in their instructions for custom domains.

Only issue is lack of a SSL, and I don’t want to pay $7 a month from Godaddy for SSL :frowning:

I am attempting to use Cloudflare for SSL and email forwarding but somehow this has messed up my website and now when I go to the domain all I see is a parked domain message from Godaddy or a blank screen.

I have the same CNAME records, and DNS settings imported from Godaddy… but somehow it’s been over 3 days and no propagation has happened.

Anyone able to help me out with this situation?

Would be much appreciated!

Are you able to share the domain you are having issues with? I’m not seeing any active domains in your account.

I cancelled cloudflare, thanks for responding but feel free to close this issue!

Managed to get a free SSL from my hosting provider and found a free 3rd party email routing service.

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