DNS Transformation from godaddy to cloudflare not working

DNS Transformation from godaddy to cloudflare not working. It has been last about 1 hour. Please help.

It should be done after 30 minutes to 48 hours. Check dns of your domain here:

Replace google.com by your domain

Thank you. Now the dns has been transfered successfully but the cdn not yet. It’s such a long process. The whole process need to be taken up to 48 hrs?

You didn’t mention the domain name, but the transition from GoDaddy DNS to Cloudflare DNS should incur no downtime if your DNS records here are a perfect match to the ones at GoDaddy.

But as @huyhoa stated, it can take up to 48 hours for that name server transition to complete.

Thanks for the details. the domain name is vonado.com. If no downtime then that’s great.

It looks like you’re all set.

UPDATE: You mentioned the CDN. Almost nothing from your site is loaded through your domain. It’s third party resources, so Cloudflare can’t provide CDN for those third party files.

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