DNS transferring

I have 2 website in my Cloudflare which are aaa.com.my and bbb.com.my. There is one domain in aaa.com.my named 123.aaa.com.my. How can I transfer that domain in aaa.com.my into bbb.com.my. Anyone can help me ?

That host/domain is part of the first domain and you can’t “transfer” it. You can only set up the same name on the second domain as well.

Post the actual domains and hostnames, these “examples” are not very helpful :wink:

Thank you. I will post this question again with actual domains and hostnames

I have 2 domain in my Cloudflare which are innovative.edu.my and imaya.com.my

Can anyone help me how I can transfer hey.innovative.edu.my to imaya.com.my ?

“hey” is not a domain but a hostname. Also, “imaya” is not using Cloudflare.

What exactly do you mean by “transfer”? If you want an HTTP redirect, you should check out Redirecting One Domain to Another

Otherwise, you’d need to set up a “hey” record with your other DNS provider.

I already adding imaya in my Cloudflare but the setup is not complete yet. I want to change my hostname hey.innovative.edu.my to be hey.imaya.com.my

Or I just need to duplicate it ?

Yes, you just need to set up the necessary DNS record with imaya. Don’t forget, the server also needs to respond to hey.imaya.com.my, so you may need to re-configure your server as well.


Sorry but do you have a video solution for me to clearly understand. Sorry because I’m new to this thingy.

support.cloudflare.com and #tutorial should have everything you need to set it up on Cloudflare, however you first need to add the domain to Cloudflare anyhow. And if you need some video for the server configuration, I guess Youtube will have such tutorials, though that is beyond the scope of the forum.

For server administration you may want to check out StackExchange and Reddit.

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