Dns transferred from godaddy to cloudflare

I transferred my domain from Godaddy to Cloudflare hosting to access to dashnex platform but when I add my custom domain to the platform gives me DNS invalid? what is wrong?! Why Wait
Don’t wait for an answer! Find it fast! This search :search: at the top right answers most questions:

#CommunityTip error

Example Search

#communitytip 521 error

Can you show a screenshot of that?

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When they ask for Domain:, they probably don’t want the www part. Try just vsstropy.com

The same i tried that but gives me the same invalid

I bet they don’t like it because it’s proxied. Try setting those DNS entries to :grey: and wait five minutes. They might be trying to match IP addresses.

Sorry, can you tell me more details because i don’t understand.

Using this tutorial as a guideline, click on the :orange: so it changes to :grey:.

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I did it before, and reviewed again everything like the tutorial steps!

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