DNS transfer failed

I tried to transfer my domain to Cloudflare from お名前.com but below message was show in Cloudflare dashboard.

What I did to current registrer (GMO お名前.com ):

  • disabling WHOIS privacy protection
  • Transfer protection is already disabled.
  • DNSSEC is not configured.
  • Issued an AuthCode.

What I did to Cloudflare:

  • Payment information (valid credit card) is registered.

What should I do?

Hello there,

Would you share the image content in readable text in the forum so that we can translate & know better the issue & other members would respond.

The image says:

An error occured while processing the payment hold
my domain name

Advertise message

I tried regist an another credit card, then domain transfer was succeed.

ドメインを Cloudflare に移管していただきありがとうございます

現在のレジストラでは、ドメインを Cloudflare に移管するまで最大 5 日間かかります。ただし、確認メールに返信するか、ダッシュボードで移管を承認することにより、ドメインの早期リリースをリクエストできます。

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