DNS tranferred, but NS records still show old servers

I’ve completed DNS transfer to Cloudflare, and status shows “active”. When I do a ‘dig NS’ on my domain, it still shows my old DNS servers. I don’t see an option to manually create NS records in Cloudflare’s UI for DNS administration. Is this a problem?

It’s most likely a DNS propagation delay that will clear up in 24-48 hours. If you post the domain name, we can take a closer look. Here’s a handy tool:

My domain is nwnatural.com. Your tool shows everything points to Cloudflare except for Reston, VA. I guess I hadn’t tried enough tools. The Google tool was what I was relying on.

It does appear to be mostly propagated, though whois.com and whois.net says it’s the old name servers.

Secondly, even though Cloudflare answers my requests, your sites aren’t using the Proxy servers for speed and security. Your DNS records here for nwnatural.com and www are probably set to :grey: instead of :orange:

Yes, that’s by intent. We’re moving very slowly.

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