DNS 'too many redirects' issue and 301 redirect page rule not working

I transferred 2 GoDaddy domains DNS to Cloudflare. one of them is a .co.uk and the other one is a .app domain. The .co.uk points to an Amazon lightsail server with no problems. The .app is not pointing anywhere. I wanted to redirect the .app to the .co.uk via 301. So after getting both on Cloudflare, I made sure both domains have an A record that points to the same amazon server each and proxied them through CF.

Then I setup a page rule on the .app CF management page that redirects it to the .co.uk domain but when I visit the .app domain it gives me a ‘too many redirects’ error. I managed to get it to work when I had almost all CNAME and A records proxied through CF, but that caused some problems for .app related services and subdomains, so I only proxied the A and ‘www’ CNAME records.

Any ideas?

Check your SSL/TLS settings are set to “Full (strict)” here…

Anything you are redirecting from must have a proxied DNS record.

If that doesn’t work, you can give the domain names and show a screenshot of your rules.


They were both set to Full and changing them to Full(strict) solved the problem as the server also has an SSL configuration, thanks!


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