DNS taking very long time

I have pointed the website and the subdomain to Cloudflare over 24 hours ago and it is still pending?

You probably did not set the nameservers correctly.

What’s the domain?

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Hey ,

We need your domain to check the error as @sandro said the error may be with pointing the Cloudflare nameservers

The main domain is thedivotmaker.com from Hostinger.com

and the subdomain is learntoplaybettergolf.thedivotmaker.com

Yes, your nameservers are not correctly set. You still have your previous ones there.

name servers were set to june and lewis

Do I delete the ones on Hostinger?

Considering they are not your registrar, you shouldn’t have any there in the first place.

You need to set the nameservers at your registrar and you have to set exactly those assigned by Cloudflare and no others.

Just deleted the Hostinger name savers

The site was first at Godaddy, I then changed name servers to point to Hostinger on that site it now active as my registar.

Well, you fixed it.

Thank you

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