DNS taking longer then 24 hours to set up

I requested to add my domain to cloud flare on November 29. It’s saying my nameserver is still pending. It’s been pending for well over 24 hours. I would like to know what’s my next step to getting it to work so I can begin using my website?

You most likely did not change your nameservers correctly and need to fix that.

What’s the domain and which nameservers were you told to set?

This is what it says. This is my first time doing this so I’m not familiar with it.

You haven’t changed the nameservers at all. You need to complete the setup first.

But before you do that you should make sure your site is loading fine, because right now it does not and that appears to be an issue on your host’s side. Contact them and get that fixed beforehand.

Ok thank you!

I was able to resolve the issue. I had entered the wrong domain which caused it not to go through. I was able to change it just wanted to know when I will be able to access maesloves.com, it’s says active just wasn’t sure how long it takes to register.

It would seem you didn’t fix that first.

I received this message to go to your website to fix something?? Could you explain please??

As I mentioned before.

You need to contact your host to clarify that.

You probably best set the nameservers back to the original ones for now.

I was able to fix the issue. The website says active but it is still not working. Go daddy told me that I would need to speak with someone from cloudflare on why I can’t access the website but it says active

Ehm, we are going in circles. Everything I wrote at DNS taking longer then 24 hours to set up - #6 by sandro still applies.

Could you tell me why my website maesloves.com says active but is not showing up? I talked with the host and they said I needed to reach out to you!

Your domain is active on Cloudflare, but that does not mean that it works on your host’s side.

As I said hours ago


You simply did not follow my advice and fixed it before moving to Cloudflare.

Ok I had put in the wrong domain to begin with. I called go daddy we fixed the at issue now when I log in it tells me to come to your site and you keep telling me to go to my host. Is there anyway someone can call me. For a first time user we are having miscommunication and I would like to speak with someone about this issue to get it resolved.

What is not clear about what I wrote?

If you had followed my advice this could be already fixed.

Sorry for the miscommunication I’m not computer savvy. But one thing you don’t have to do is be rude. I’m having some miscommunication with you so could I be transferred to someone that values their customers

I am not rude, I rather find it rude to consistently ignore advice and keep asking the same question. I told you twelve hours ago what to do and you simply ignored that and now have the issue I mentioned.

Just as I already wrote five times.

Take the domain off Cloudflare and switch it back to your host, then fix whatever needs fixing with your host, and only once your site loads on HTTPS, then you can consider Cloudflare again and re-add it.

Thank you! Have a blessed day!

No worries, pleasure, but it’s really something you need to discuss with your host.

Once your site is off Cloudflare and loads fine (as I originally mentioned) you can re-add it.

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