DNS Tab Value column size is insufficent to show AAAA address

In the DNS tab, for an AAAA record the value column is insufficiently sized to show the actual ipv6 address. All of my AAAA records the last portion of the address gets changed to … due to insufficient space to show the address.

My IPv6 addresses fit in Desktop view.

Is your address the full 8 groups long? Is this on Desktop, or Mobile?

Probably depends on the address composition


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I am using Desktop view on Windows 10. I tried both MS Edge and Firefox, incase it was browser related, but it has the same issue.

Mine are full 8 groups long, since I only have SLAAC addresses.

Probably due to proportional fonts. Numbers are wider than the letters. 2605: takes more width than ffff:

Exactly what I meant by address composition.

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