DNS Tab - Clearer Orange vs Grey Cloud Legend

Some folks on the forums are still getting confused by the DNS section’s orange and grey Cloudflare toggle when it comes to enabling SSL being only available via Orange cloud. Especially when you are first populating your DNS records and don’t have any existing DNS records to hover your mouse over their orange/grey cloud image text tool tip descriptions.

So maybe a clearer legend is needed for highlighting the differences between them ? Was thinking of a simple clear legend like below

There’s the help section which has a legend but that is hidden by default

Though not as clear a a legend in the header, hovering over the settings shows their purpose. I’d also drop the SSL (TLS!) from the header legend, as that’s optional.

Universal SSL is enabled by default though IIRC when you sign up ? But yeah maybe this then

Judging from recent forum experience I’d turn off the ability to disable the proxy altogether until the user provided a notarised document of him knowing what it is and what he is doing :smiling_imp:

:rofl: yeah it’s strange as all ‘add record’ inputs usually default to orange cloud, so they would need to actively toggle off to grey cloud to get issues with SSL

Never underestimate the curiosity of new Cloudflare signups :wink:

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