DNS sync updates to other DNS's seems broken

Maybe this sounds strange, but when I use online dig (www.digwebinterface.com) to find for example my own soa records back ( color-domain.com ) the google dns ( and Cloudflare dns ( server it will not return anything.

A lttile history:
This domain was working properly before, however my provider moved their services to a third party and copied over the old DNS settings and I was to late to pick up on this in 7 days so I lost the domain here in Cloudflare and had to set this up again from scratch.

After that second switch / setup, things were no longer the same and seems like this trouble has started.

Also the “@” record does not seem to be there in the gui, but the gui does not allow me to add it because it says it is already there.

In order to avoid any issues and strip it down to the easiest setup I disabled everything and set the domain back to an “ordinary” dns server ( no caching etc ) …
But still it doesn’t seem to behave “normally”.

Anybody any suggestions (support team maybe ?) to look behind the scene what is going on ?
Thank you and regards,

If we start at the first broken thing, your DNSSEC setup is broken.


Find the DS record on your Cloudflare DNS dashboard, and make sure that the DS record with your Registrar is updated to match.

Hi Michael
Thanks for answering, but in order to avoid any conflicts, I have everything turned off also dnssec, effectively I think somewhere along the way I mighth have touched that button, but never actually intended to turn it on.
Is there someway to force it being “off” ?

Nope. It’s still on at your registrar:

Ok, thanks, I wasn’t aware of that, and thought it was off at registrar’s level … never saw it there in my old DNS GUI there and more silly I didn’t checked it myself like that …
i’ll start by creating a ticket over there … :frowning:

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Thanks for pointing me in the right directions, DNSSEC is disabled and behavior is back to normal again ( all dns servers showing the same info again ).

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