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Hi Everyone,

I’m new to this community. Can anyone explain me how to switch my dns server to Cloudflare dns My website is hosting by Infinitefree hosting (byethost). Looking forward to your reply, Thank you



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As well as the official support resources that @Withheld linked to, there are also some community resources here to help you get started.

Check out the Tutorials Category

There is a full setup tutorial there:

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Thanks for reply @Withheld @domjh,

I followed both of your procedures. Unfortunately, I don’t see any nameservers in overview tab. There is a similar thread avail in the Cloudflare community which is same issue I added link to it and also add pictures of DNS and overview. Please do have a look and suggest me how to switch my dns to Cloudflare, Thank you




That looks to me like a partner setup rather than a full DNS setup. It looks like you signed up through your host rather than directly through Cloudflare.

It looks like your DNS is being managed by your host.

Hi @domjh,

Yes. I’m using infinityfree hosting to host my website but I would like to change my dns to Cloudflare dns? If you can suggest how to switch my dns to Cloudflare it would be really helpful. Looking for your reply, Thanks

You should follow the tutorial I linked to earlier and change your nameservers to point to Cloudflare.

Hi @domjh,

I go through tutorial again. The problem is I can’t find this page on my Cloudflare (picture below) account because I signup through 3rd party hosting site. I know how to change the nameserver in my domain but the problem is I couldn’t find which nameserver I need to point it in Cloudflare in my account. If you could help me, it would be great. Thanks for your reply.

I couldn’t find those nameservers in my Cloudflare account as per your tutorial

Now I’m curious about third party integrations.

Is that DNS screen you posted what you see through Infinityfree, or is it your own account at dashboard.Cloudflare.com?

It is the account at Cloudflare, maybe @cs-cf can help here… Does the OP have to create a new account to switch to a full DNS setup to get Cloudflare nameservers?

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Yes @domjh I’m considering to remove the website from Cloudflare and reupload it again to get full dns support from Cloudflare. When I registered to infinityfree hosting in their cpanel they had Cloudflare integration, That’s how I lost Cloudflare nameservers to my website. Now I’m wondering Is there a way to switch my nameservers and dns to Cloudflare. If I can’t switch then the last option to remove the website and reupload. Do you think is it best idea to remove and reupload to Cloudflare? Looking forward to your reply, Thank you

I am not sure if there is another way, tagging @cs-cf.

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