DNS switches from DNS Only to Proxied every 30 days

For the past year I’ve had to sign into Cloudflare and into my domain and flip the ‘Proxied Status’ from ‘Proxied’ to DNS Only, when I do that everything works well for another 30 days and then I have to do it again.

Domain: witchtower.org

I’d like to find the setting I need to make to keep DNS Only for my domain.

Thank you!

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Are you saying that something would change your DNS status to :orange: Proxied when you weren’t looking?

If so, then look through the Audit Log at the top of dash.cloudflare.com

It’s either someone/something logging into your Cloudflare account (change your password, if so), or something making an API call using your secret key (change it, if so).


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Hey sdayman, thanks for the reply.

Yes ‘something’. I’m the only one with access to this domain (it’s a personal one.) I looked at the Audit Log and it only shows me signing in and every few weeks having to do a Rec Set where the “Proxied”: true, is the Old Value and the New Value is “Proxied”: false. No other changes.

I’ll check to see if something is making an API call on my pfSense, but I don’t think I set anything up for that.


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