DNS suddenly repointing to strange IP / Google


Recently our website suddenly started redirecting to Google.com

After checking the DNS page in Cloudflare, all the A rows were pointing at a strange unknown IP address. The problem has since been corrected (IPs changed backed to our server), but I was wondering what could have caused this and whether I should be mindful of other things I need to change/monitor?

Many thanks,

I would suggest you check https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/audit-log to find out who or what made these changes.

Thanks, I had been looking for a way to access the logs!

I had a look and cant see anything that looks like that change being made. There are other actions that I dont necessarily recognise (in my name) but at the same time I wouldnt know what to look for when looking for something suspicious!

Then it might be best to post screenshots.

When did your site start performing the redirects?

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