DNS subdomain for SSL Verification

We are using CloudFlare free tier for our domain (domain.com) but we use a subdomain (sub.domain.com) internally and I need to renew my SSL cert for *.sub.domain.com.

Domain ownership verification requires putting a TXT DNS record in public sub.domain.com DNS zone but I can’t figure out how to create a subdomain in Cloudflare, I think because I’m on the free tier?

Documentation seems to say only Enterprise accounts can create subdomains. Am I missing something? I’d be fine upgrading to a regular business account, but wondering if I’m mis-understanding the requirement?

Thanks in advance for any help y’all can offer.


Subdomain records go on the same DNS page as the main domain. It’s all one zone.

Thanks for the response – But I don’t have an option to create a child/subdomain on my DNS page. The Cloudflare doc on subdomains says it’s only available for Enterprise?


E.g., SSL verify for sub.domain.com requires a TXT record for @ on sub.domain.com

I can create a TXT or A record for sub dot domain com but I can’t create a subdomain called sub in domain dot com and then create a TXT record for @ at the sub level.


That’s all you need to do.

Where is that instruction coming from?

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