DNS Sub Domains

Can I create DNS subdomains with the free version of CloudFlare. Per my phone vendor I need to add the following DNS records.
Create new domain under MyDomain.com as _tcp
Then, create new domain under _tcp as _avaya-ep-config
Add PTR Record, SRV Record, and TXT record under _avaya-ep-config for each server (VoiceServer1 and VoiceServer2)

The example PRT record would be VoiceServer1._avaya-ep-config._tcp.MyDomain.com.

Most of those are available on the Free plan, with the possible exception of PTR. PTR (or PRT if typo’d) records are specialized, so it may help to know what your phone vendor wants the PTR record to look like.

Thanks for the quick response Yes I typo’d the PTR it is a Pointer (PTR) record.
The following is what the pointer record should look like;
FQDN = _avaya-ep-config._tcp.MyDomain.com
Host Name = VoiceServer1._avaya-ep-config._tcp.MyDomain.com

But I can not find a way to create the _tcp DNS sub/child domain or the _avaya-ep-config sub/child domain.

That PTR record should be workable:

Solution was to change name and domain name values. Thanks for the help.

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