DNS stuck in Pending Nameserver Update

One of my domains are stuck in “Pending Nameserver Update” for some time now. Nameservers have been changed and everything propagated properly, I submitted a re-check request about 18 hours ago (and a few others after that) but it’s still pending.

Any help ?


Did you already click the re-check button?

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Looking good! As @sandro suggested, if you’re not seeing a message indicating name servers have been confirmed, click the recheck button. But, external signs are :+1:

$ dig ns martindale-electric.co.uk +short

$ whois martindale-electric.co.uk
    Name servers:

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Looks like it was a problem with the domain registrar, they added the new nameservers but didn’t delete the old ones. Had to request a manual delete, now everything looks to be fine.

Thank you guys for jumping in so quickly !

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