DNS stopped working all of a sudden


I have been facing this problem with a couple of my key domains since yesterday.
Yesterday all of a sudden the DNS resolution stopped working for one of my websites which had been working perfectly for last 2 weeks. The domain was purchased from Godadddy. I waited for a couple of hours thinking that problem would go away on its own. But that didn’t happen. So, I removed the website from Cloudflare and went back to Godaddy the resolution still didn’t work. Wait for several hours still didn’t work. Tried to add it back to Cloudflare. It didn’t work. It kept waiting for name servers to be transferred.
Finally today I lost hope and purchased a similar sounding domain name from a different provider (Namecheap) and started using that. I added the domain to Cloudflare and modified name server in Namecheap. The site started working within a few minutes. Configured SSL/TLS etc everything was working. It worked fine for 4-5 hours and then again all of a sudden DNS stopped working.
It can’t be a problem on the domain provider side as the name server where already changed to Cloudflare. Also, the problem happened with two different domain providers. So, I am suspecting Cloudflare now. Are my domains getting black listed for some reason. I didn’t receive any email etc from Cloudflare or my domain provider. I am not using my domain for email etc. It is only being used for hosting a website. It is kind of becoming annoying. I am now going to purchase a new domain keep the show going. I am afraid that it might happen again with the new domain. I am using the free plan right now. Has anyone else ever experienced such an issue earlier? Appreciate any help in understanding and resolving the issue.

You have not given much information to help diagnose your issue.

What are the domain names?
What do you mean by “DNS Stopped working”
What steps are you taking to diagnose the problem?


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply.
Sorry, this is the first time I am asking a question in the community so I made some assumptions about the information I may have to provide. Let me add the details you have asked for.

Here are the domain names:
manageoceanaccount.info (from Godaddy)
manageoceanaccount.site (from Namecheap)

I have removed both of them from Cloudflare now in the hope that the domain providers name servers would start working. But that is not happening either now. So the domain are now mostly useless.

By “DNS stopped working” I meant that the name resolution started to fail. It was detected as failure to open the website in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Then I tried to ping the domain which failed with host name resolution. Then I tried nslookup which failed too. Here is the output of nslookup:
$ nslookup manageoceanaccount.info
** server can’t find manageoceanaccount.info: NXDOMAIN

$ nslookup manageoceanaccount.site
** server can’t find manageoceanaccount.site: NXDOMAIN

I have tried nsloopup from different regions in the world using my cloud account thinking that it might be some problem with my local DNS server but I get the same nslookup result from everywhere.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Like I mentioned above I tried nslookup from different servers in different regions. All give the same result.
  2. Like I mentioned in the original problem statement, I tried moving back to the domain provider’s name servers. But it didn’t help.
  3. Tried removing and adding the domain back to Cloudflare but it didn’t work. Still same problem name resolution fails.
  4. Checked the DNS records in Cloudflare, they were the same as the records at the time of adding the website for first time and when it was working.
  5. Checked the DNS records in the domain provider to see if they were inadvertently modified somehow and lead to some name server change. But the domain provider page displays that the name servers are not being maintained by the domain provider. So, I am assuming that they were with Cloudflare.
  6. Check audit logs of Cloudflare to see if some script or API modified the records somehow. But I don’t see anything unusual in the audit logs.
  7. I tried pinging the Cloudflare nameservesr from my server where I am trying nslookup thinking that it may be some routing issue or something. I am able to ping the Cloudflare nameservers. Tried the same with the domain provider’s nameservers and I am able to ping them too.

In my limited knowledge about DNS those were all the things I cloud try. Please let me know if there are other things that I should try.

I have been using Cloudflare for almost an year and haven’t faced such an issue earlier. There are other domains in my account and my friends accounts which are still working for long time now.

The above two domains are pretty much unusable now. Neither work with Couldflare nameservesr nor with domain provider’s.


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