DNS still resolving for long deleted A record

Hi there!

I have my website (https:/finnito.nz) using Cloudflare name servers for my DNS. I moved to Cloudflare some months ago from Hover and when I moved I deleted some old subdomain A records from Hover and did not recreate them in Cloudflare. For example, one of them, cpg.finnito.nz still resolves through to my server.

I have checked my Hover records and it definitely does no exist there, and nor in my Cloudflare records. I also do not have a vhost for that subdomain on my VPS.

What can I do to remove this dangling A record?


It is not only cpg you also have a record for iamtheworldsgreatestrecordofalltimes :wink:

You simply must have a wildcard * record. Remove that and it should fix that issue, but keep in mind you will also have to create all other records you still want and which are not specifically defined.

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You are quite right! I had a wildcard record in there.

No problem having to create the other records - I was already doing that, I just didn’t really click with the wildcard one!

Thank you for the speedy response! I’ll check in the morning and make sure the TTL has expired (automatic) and it doesn’t resolve any more :slight_smile:

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