DNS still exists though I deleted my site

I deleted my site from cloudflare more than 72 hours ago. But whois lookup still shows that my domain has the cloudflare DNS . How to remove them permanently from my domain?
Thanks in advance

You need to change the nameserves at the registrar to whatever you want to use. Deleting the domain from the dashboard without doing this step will open you up to the only possible attack vector (altough unlikely) of domain hijacking.

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Thanks for your reply. But my domain registrar has the default DNS records. It does not have the cloudflare DNS. But when I search the whois search, they show that my domain has the cloudflare DNS .
Thanks again.

It’s not a DNS record edit, but the actual Name Servers part of your WHOIS data for that domain. If you post the domain name, we can take a closer look.

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