DNS still displaying cannot connect to server IP

I’m so sick and tired of setting up my domains in the last couple of weeks since transferring domains to Cloudflare. I have two domains that do not point correctly even if I got the same exakt settings as one of the ones that do work. Please help:

Keeps saying error all this time:

The other site has same settngs as second shot below this one and wont work: (lauren-conrad.com do not work but lauren-conrad.net works, same settings - they are set to point to laurenconrad.org)

Neither of the lauren-conrad domains work for me, but the kourtney one does.

If you click on the :orange: to make them :grey:, do they work?

Nothing absolutely nothing happens

It’s all the same damn server same IP all same settings in Cloudflare and somehow it does not work on all domains like I dont understand

k-k.com goes to the absolute wrong website no idea what the ■■■■ this is.

It looks like you are changing lots of different settings all the time. Try and work on one issue at a time, and it will get better.

Looking at kourtney-kardashian.com first. It currently is :orange: and is giving a 526 error. This means that the origin does not have a certificate matching kourtney-kardashian.com, and you have set the SSL Mode to “Full (Strict)”. Set this to “Full” and that will resolve one error.

(You should try and get a real cert that matches your names on the Origin, then set the mode back to Full (Strict))

The other two seem to require SSL mode to be Full also, as connecting to the origin on port 80 returns a default error page.

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I have now deleted the page rules which it was set up to strict. The domain points in wrong direction somehow though, that actresses website is not the correct one.

The actress website is what is being served by your origin. Bypassing Cloudflare with the command below shows the same content.

curl https://kourtney-kardashian.com --resolve kourtney-kardashian.com:443: -vk

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the host is saying i have to change NS ; nothing they can do…

it doesnt allow me to change NS for domains at cloudflare like…ugghhhh

For any domain that’s broken, set all DNS to :grey:. That should help with troubleshooting your sites.

And post pictures of the DNS page for each of those domains at your host.

I’m gonna have to cancel all domain transfers to CF and just keep them at the regular registar. Cannot afford to change NS with CF is too pricy, I have too many websites.

I believe I have the answer. The failure in my instance was due to multiple failed TLS/SSL handshake attempts. The cure I found was to set the SSL/TLS mode to FULL.
From the Overview window, select the lock (SSL/TLS) icon from the top menu.
Select the Full option.
Problem resolved.

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