DNS SSL subdomain

The issue revolves around configuring a TXT DNS entry for the subdomain “imagenes.jaibor.com” in Cloudflare. Arsys, a hosting provider where I have purchased the subdomain, requires domain validation via a TXT record before exporting SSL certificates which I want to import in Cloudflare. However, when attempting to add this TXT record in Cloudflare, it’s automatically shortened to “imagenes” instead of the full subdomain. Arsys is a hosting provider where the SSL certificate is managed. I want to add the SSL certificate from Arsys to Cloudflare but face difficulty configuring the necessary TXT record for domain validation. What would be the process and what would be the minimum billing plans required to do it?

That’s just how it’s shown in the dashboard, the domain is removed to save space as it would be on the end of every record. It’s only shown for the apex domain.

The record resolves ok…

dig +short imagenes.jaibor.com txt
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