DNS SSL registrar and hosting in different places

The registrar and hosting in different places, how to bind cloudflare, the registrar changed the dns server to yours, the hosting deleted the current ssl certificate and the site does not work, how to solve the problem?

The instructions are here: Manage DNS records · Cloudflare DNS docs

I don’t know why your host should delete SSL certificate (I really doubt they did).

Please provide your domain name so we can take a look and better advise you.

Good luck!



Хостинг не удалял сертификат, я его сам удалил на хостинге , cloudflare же подключен ssl
Khosting ne udalyal sertifikat, ya yego sam udalil na khostinge , cloudflare zhe podklyuchen ssl
The hosting did not delete the certificate, I deleted it myself on the hosting, cloudflare is connected to ssl


SSL is not deleted as I see. The site throws the warning ‘Dangerous Warning sign’ when user visits the site. It is a phishing warning. If that’s incorrect, you need to report to Google. If you’re managing the site, I’m certain you may have the console account. If not, create one and add the site to the property and look for security issues and follow the steps alternatively. Alternatively, you may submit the incorrect phishing warning form. Here are the links fore reference:
Report error

Alternatively, you may google for more information.

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