DNS & SSL problem [HELP]

My domain is registered from GoDaddy. I have settled the NS to Cloudflare server and whois.net also represent my domain as below:
Name Server: ARIA.NS.Cloudflare.COM
Name Server: MILES.NS.Cloudflare.COM

However, if I access the domain many times, it usually redirects to GoDaddy parked site also with the auto-generated key. (HTTP)

About the https access, it returns the empty page for me.

Sorry for my bad English. Please help!!!

Note: all the setting still within 24hours

What is the domain?

Not mentioning the domain does help a lot as far as analysing the situation is concerned :wink:

Unless you mean the domain in your username by any chance, which does not point to Cloudflare at all.

Was just thinking that!!

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[deleted] link

sometime it return ‘The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.’

what ??
do you know the problem?

It somewhat loads, but some resources seem to be stuck in a loading loop. Thats definitely an issue on your server, thats not Cloudflare related.

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if you’re using the IP address to access the page. It definitely works. No idea

What is the IP?

Do you point to this IP in the DNS settings in Cloudflare?

Hmm it does load for me now. It looks kinda strange (broken design) with strange characters, but other than that…

If you feel comfortable revealing your IP address here, please go ahead. You can also remove it afterwards.

They look the same… (the IP and www.oddstat.com)

That shows the same site as your naked domain. Can you post your DNS settings on Cloudflare?

the character that you saw as strange characters are Chinese. I think it’s not a problem.
The problem may about the DNS

Are you from China?

If so, maybe Great Firewall - Wikipedia ?

Occasionally you do get a landing page from GoDaddy. As @sandro said though, that isn’t Cloudflare related. Sometimes I see the site the same as the IP but sometimes the landing page.

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no. from Hong Kong

Yes. It’s the problem. I have no idea why it redirects to GoDaddy landing Page. I have settled the NS as Cloudflare server.

Same here, funny thing that site is not even hosted by Godaddy but AWS Singapore apparently.

@oddstate.com, you need to post your Cloudflare DNS settings as I already mentioned.

it’s very fun. i have also set a AWS health check to check whether the port 80 and 443. the result of it is health.