DNS/SSL, can not access webpage

I hosted my website with vercel, and bought a domain from domain. com. I then found out they no longer give free SSL so I added my domain to Cloudflare to get the SSL. Ive added the vercel A record and CNAME to domain. com and I’ve also added the nameservers from Cloudflare to domain. com. Now the issue is that I cannot access the website. I get error Too many redirects. I would be most grateful for support.

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Once your DNS is active in Cloudflare, no DNS records set at domain.com matter.

Even with Cloudflare, you still need a certificate on your origin webserver. Otherwise it’s like locking the front door while leaving the garage door wide open. You can use a free Cloudflare Origin CA certificate if Vercel supports that, but they should automatically issue you a valid certificate.

Did you click that :point_up_2: link? It has a Tutorial covering that error.

It is typically caused by using the insecure Flexible encryption mode. You should never use that. Only use Full (strict).