I have registred a SRV record to a port that Cloudflare supports.
That port is an API, not a website at all.

So, when I acess that record, (api.example.net) it gives me “Error 521” " Web server is down"
But my VPS have that port open and I can acess that API with my original IP with the port.
(The port is 2052)

CF’s forwarding doesn’t rewrite/proxy different port numbers, meaning that you can’t go to https://api.example.net:443 in your browser (443 is the port for https if there is no port) and expect CF to proxy to port 2052.

api.example.net needs to be an A record, and whatever client or browser you’re using will need to send requests to api.example.net:2052.

Well, I do that now, and it gives me the same error.
I have a default HTML page in my default VPS IP, and api.example.net dont show that HTML page.
Instead, it gives " Error 521" " Web server is down", but my VPS is Online.

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