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Hi Everyone,

I have been pointed in this direction for troubleshooting. :wink: I have a .edu I just setup with Cloudflare that has been propagating for over four days. As a .edu my nameservers are pointing from Educause (government regulated domain registrar). When I setup the Cloudflare account, I updated the nameservers as instructed. I mentioned the issue to Squarespace and they said all the information was entered into the DNS at Cloudflare correctly. So it is out of Squarespace’s hands.

Has anyone else had this issue? Might there be something that need to be deleted?

I’m not immediately seeing anybody else with a .edu problem posted in the forums.

Name server setup is pretty straightforward, so it’s difficult to tell where the problem might be. What’s the domain?


Sorry for the delay in reply. Posting the question was the last thing I managed before calling it a day. :wink:

The domain is asaom.edu

That domain is currently on Cloudflare, but it’s showing a Squarespace message that it’s pending verification with a link to go to https://joshua-hannum.squarespace.com/config#/settings/domains

Have you done that? Did you originally set this up as some other domain at Squarespace?

EDIT: Some other user is having Squarespace problems and linked to this article:

Yes, I know about the pending issue. It has been there for days.

I am not able to host through Squarespace because I have to be registered with Educause to hold a .edu domain registration. I can point the nameservers from Educause, but I needed a place to access DNS - hence Cloudflare, though it does not seem like an easy solution. :slight_smile: I’m not sure why the propagation has not come through. I have followed Squarespace’s typical setup, and places the appropriate records into my DNS. The response from Squarespace was - looks like it is all setup properly, don’t know why it isn’t working.

And after reading that link (thank you, by the way) it appears as though if I do get it working I may run into issues with the SSL or the CDN.

I have had a finished site for a few weeks now, and have not been able to get this worked out.

Just an update.

Thank you to anyone who took a look at this. Squarespace not supporting or being able to help with anything left me feeling not at ease moving forward, so I have migrated my nameservers and am working through another service.

Thank you, Everyone.

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