DNS SPF TXT record with " " characters


I double checked our last entry in SPF record for strange character coding, but it all looks good; include:_spf.mailinvite.simplesurvey.com
However, Linux “dig” query against CloudFlare and Google DNS servers returns this entry as:
include:_spf.ma" "ilinvite.simplesurvey.com

Please advise.

dig -t txt mitacs.ca @ +short
“v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: include:servers.mcsv.net include:spf.protection.outlook.com include:emailus.freshdesk.com include:emailus.freshservice.com include:spf.surveymonkey.com include:_spf.ma” “ilinvite.simplesurvey.com ?all”

I think that’s just an artifact of having a really long SPF record, so dig splits it into two. It’s still valid, though. https://dmarcian.com/spf-survey/?domain=mitacs.ca


Thank you; this makes sense.

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