DNS - SPF issues > 10 look ups; Did I misconfigure?

Hello everyone,

I have for some time had issues with my emails. It seems they end up going to SPAM, or directly not delivering. Lately I cannot send any anymore.

After checking my DNS, it seems I need a SPF register. However, I have tried adding:
v=spf1 ip6:2001:41d0:1:1b00:87:98:231:40 include:abogadomoliner.com ~all

This IP6 is what I have as record AAAA, however when checking the website described below, it says i have another ipv6 Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email
I’m not sure whether this is relevant.

On the other hand, and regardless of the 3 ip6 mentioned, the following message shows up:
"Confirm record creation?
Any misconfiguration will result in email not being delivered. Monitor your outgoing email and delete this record to undo."

When I say accept, it says: " The number of lookups on your SPF record exceed the allowed limit of 10. This will result in emails failing SPF authentication".

I don’t know what else to do.

I’m currently using gmail, but thinking of switching to outlook.

Any tips would be greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance,

This doman has no SPF record available to include, so that part adds nothing useful. If that is your domain and you put this in your own SPF record for that domain, it would result in infinite recursion.

Cloudflare has an SPF explainer you might want to review.


If you need more tools for examining your email authentication policies, dmarcian has an excellent collection. They also have an online forum that focuses exclusively on email authentication policy and the relevant tools.

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