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Does anybody know why I keep getting a no reply notification from google & yahoo every time I send a review sample email to myself? I’m using Cloudflare free plan which is hosting my Shopify store. This started happening after I set up DKIM snippet from my judge me review app. I spoke to the makers of the app and they stated that that email was not sent to them.

gallosnogallinas Submitter: google Report-ID: This is the email that I’m receiving with a zip file.

I also added DNS snippets. Thanks. I hop im in the write place…

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This sounds like you created a DMARC record that has your email address in the rua value. That address is an instruction to email providers on where you want your domain’s DMARC reports to be sent. The reporting address assigned by your DMARC monitoring service provider is a more typical value to use there.

If you search the internet for DMARC monitoring you will find a variety of service providerd. Most offer a free trial and some offer free service for low volume personal accounts.

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Thank you for quick response. Does this affect my customers in anyway? Am I the only one receiving these emails? Also if I leave it like that will this affect my website or delivery in anyway? I appreciate your help

The only effect it will have is on where your DMARC reports are sent, which will always be to the rua. You can opt for no reports by not including the rua component in your DMARC. I advise against that, as it means you lose visibilty into the dispostion of emails being sent with your domain name in the From field.

I prefer to send mine to an automated service, but if you really only want to handle them manually, you could create a dedicated folder for them on your mailserver and use a server-side filtering rule to direct them there. You could even set a 30 day (or other custom length) retention policy on the folder to avoid having to manually delete old reports.


Thank you for your help!

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