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Hi all, I have recently pointed my nameservers from godaddy to cloudflare and looking at other domains that I have registered on cloudflare the DNS records are different. Only 2 show up. Could this be a problem when I change my site from http to https?



If you intend that when querying DNS for a subdomain under Cloudflare with proxy active (:orange:) you receive only two IP addresses then that is the expected behavior. You will receive always two records regardless of the record you have behind.

No issues when changing to HTTPS. Please make sure that you can at least put the SSL mode to Full, ideally Full (Strict).

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Hi thanks for your reply!

3 weeks ago Ii set my Nameservers to Flippa for domain verification. Since i didn’t sell the website in the end I decided to turn the domain into a website. If I change the Nameservers back to Godaddy everything works ok but without SSL but if I change to cloudflare nameservers the flippa auction page comes up. Do you know what I can do to change this so that I can access my website again?



I have also added a DNS record on here pointing to my hosting IP address



www.actioncameraz.com is my domain


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