DNS setup, www, CF page, CNAME and configuration

Hi everyone,

So currently I’ve go two domains that getting both configured through Cloudflare DNS, which giving me different end results, though I’ve set them similarly, as follows:

First domain :

As you can see, I’m using both www and @, so that way I may benefit both, if any of the incoming visitors/traffic accessing the site with or without the www part. So, if I access it through the www, it would simply give me the Connection Time Out - Error code 522, while on the other hand, if I strip off the www, they’re sending the traffic appropriately.

Second domain :

The second domain is getting setup the similarly as you can see from my screen capture, but somehow they’re acting differently. So, if I access it through the www, they’re actually working as intended, unlike the previous example of how the previous domain got treated. And if I tried to access them without the www, it’d would give me an Error Code of 522 Connection Time out.

Anyone perhaps could point out where did I go wrong? Essentially, I simply wish both of the URL may deliver the same page as inteded.

Thanks everyone.

Have you configured www as a custom domain in Pages for the host returning the 522 error?


You’re right @cscharff after going through it all again, they’re now working with or without the WWW, and here’s how I’ve set them up:

Thanks for the advise.


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