DNS setup problem with godaddy domain


i have one domain on www.godaddy.com with the .nl and i have attached with that domain on cloudflar ,

butt the problem is when i add name server on domain control panel its ask ip adress with custom name server i i will show you ,
look this

i dont understand what type of ip add there with name server , this is first time i face that type of problem always i set only name server and save it ,
i have talk with godaddy support they inform me .nl domain require uniqe ip adress ,
so can anyone help me solve this issue ?

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According to this tutorial .nl is not supported by Godaddy.


@Xaq only DNSSEC with .nl domain is not supported by GoDaddy - The domain extension itself is supported - GoDaddy informed @mishay143 that using custom nameservers with .nl domain required the ip address of the nameservers as well which was given in another thread.


Thanks @danstock. I checked that thread and if IPs are not gonna change according to cscharff answer, @mishay143 can check this from many online services like this one.