DNS setup in cloudflare not propagating after more than 48 hours

Hello, so this is my first time pointing my domain in namecheap to cloudflare to manage from cloudflare zones, i did as instructed on namecheap and cloudflare tutorials and pointed my domain (killsdesign.lat) to the name servers given by cloudflare.
Today i opened my dashboard and saw cloudflare detected my domain and started proxying them, i can access my domain and work on it but i cant seem to access some specific parts like webmail and cpanel. I double checked my configuration in my zones and even re-configure most of them while diagnosing DKIM & SPF configuration and found this problem where (NS Lookup and Domain checker) doesnt detect any record on my domain, not even A, MX or TXT records. Any help is much appreciated since i have free version of cloudflare and cant open a ticket regarding it. Thanks in advance.

Hi @soykillgrave. Your zone on Cloudflare is likely showing “Pending Nameserver Update” right now. You’d need to log in to your Namecheap account and change the nameservers to the two Cloudflare nameservers shown in the Cloudflare dashboard after clicking on that zone. After that, wait a few minutes and you should start seeing the zone become “Active”. If that still doesn’t work, let us know!


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