DNS setup for cloudflare using ddns and mx records

Can anyone help with a setup of DNS using dnsomatic and including mx records.

Here is what I set up but when I proxy the main domain c record the mx records don’t work. The way it is set up now (without proxy) works except for ssl because I cannot proxy kerrzone.com. The cname records are being used to pickup any IP changes from the mail A record which DNSomatic is keyed on and that update process provides success messages.

Good day;, building on my initial post I am basically searching for a solution to use DDNS (using DNSomatic service) plus setting proxies for the main domain and www so SSL will work and finally as well have MX records with an A record without proxy (mail.kerrzone.com) all of which DNSomatic service can update the IP.

Based on research to date SSL won’t work without main domain record being proxied if using cloudflare certificate. If I use a full 3rd party certificate I think it might work as set up now however I don’t have one and clearly prefer the cloudflare ssl solution if I can get it to work but seems a problem to do that and ensure the IP gets updated when changed. @morehelp

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