DNS setup for Cloudflare for add-on domain

I’m a Cloudflare/CDN newbie, but have decent Wordpress experience. I have gotten my GTMetrix scores to 95% PageSpeed and 84% YSlow and most of the recommendations have been mostly addressed, except “use a CDN” which is showing a whopping F.

I am looking into Cloudflare which seems to be widely reviewed as an easy-to-use, common Wordpress CDN. But I have a complicated setup.

I am hosting several non-profit sites as addon domains (since they’re free). So, mynonprofit (dot) org is an addon to mybusinessaccount (dot) com (effectively mynonprofit.mybusinessaccount (dot) com). To make things more complicated, the email for mynonprofit (dot) org is handled through our G Suite for Nonprofits account, and there are two subdomains: subA.mynonprofit (dot) org, and subB.mynonprofit (dot) org. I have access to both sites, but do not manage the subB Wordpress site. All these DNS records were set up using my host’s DNS.

I believe that Cloudflare’s startup guide recommends changing the nameservers at the registrar (GoDaddy for me). I believe this means that I would have to recreate all these entries at Cloudflare. At this point, I’m not sure how much benefit Cloudflare will have so I’m reluctant to go through all this effort only to end up undoing it to keep things simple for the next volunteer webmaster.

Any suggestions? Should I request a CNAME setup instead? Is it worth it so that I’ll never look back once it’s set up?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

(Apologies for the (dots) - the community would only let me include two “links” since I’m new).

Cloudflare will scan in as many DNS records as it can find for your domain. Then you need to compare what Cloudflare found with what’s actually at your host, then add any missing records. Once they match, then you can proceed with setting the new name servers.

CNAME setups aren’t as good as native Cloudflare DNS.

Does this mean that Cloudflare will attempt to replicate the DNS settings that are currently on my host so I don’t have to manually recreate them on Cloudflare? Or am I misunderstanding you? Thanks.

That is correct. Cloudflare has probably over a thousand “common” subdomain hostnames that it scans for so it can populate the A, CNAME, MX, TXT, etc. records. But some are impossible to guess, so you have to compare the old DNS to what Cloudflare guesses to fill in the missing records.

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