DNS Setup: Am I doing it correctly?

I’m moving an html website from Netlify to Cloudflare and I’m quite new to this. So here’s what I did so far for DNS:

  • First I added my domain(unirank.one) in the custom domain section of the project. Cloudflare asked me to update the nameservers on porkbun, my domain registrar.
  • Now I again added the www domain (www.unirank.one) in the custom domain section of the project.

Are the steps followed correct? Now when I navigate to [unirank.one] or [www.unirank.one] , the site is opened with the url [https://www.unirank.one]. But when I open https://unirank.one, it opens like that only.

Is this the correct behaviour? Am I doing something wrong?

Attaching screenshots of DNS.

With moving, I’m understanding that you’re dropping Netlify?

If your intention is to drop Netlify, I would remove the very first record from your screenshot, the CNAME with the name “*”, that is pointing towards “apex-loadbalancer.netlify.com”.

Currently, that CNAME is steering traffic for any non-existing sub-domain name chains, where there are no other (more specific) records any of the labels in-between, towards Netlify, such as e.g.:


I’m moving from Netlify to Cloudflare.

I will remove that netlify CNAME.

But apart from that, are the steps I followed correct?

If your domain name only contains the website hosted at Cloudflare Pages, and no other traffic, then it seems to have the bare minimum set up that would be required for that.

It seems like you have already added some DNS record(s) since the screenshot above, which is locking your domain down in regards to e.g. email traffic spoofing your domain name, which is a huge :+1:.

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