DNS settings when authoritative DNS is outside Cloudflare


I’ve been searching on this topic for a while and couldn’t see anything that fits my questions, apologies if I’ve missed an obvious post.

Okay, so we have a subdomain (xxx.aaa.com) that is cnamed to Cloudflare (on domain yyy.zzz.co.uk) for load balancing. The authoritative DNS remains with the registrar, obviously we can not create additional records there due to the cname record.

We need to add some additional DNS records for the subdomain, can we do that in Cloudflare DNS and if so how?

Would I create, say, MX records for xxx.aaa.com under the site of yyy.zzz.co.uk?

Any help, much appreciated!


That cant work in the first place. Or is the domain of that CNAME on Cloudflare as well?

Hey, the domain yyy.zzz.co.uk is on Cloudflare, this is the domain referenced in the CNAME on the registrar.

I was referring to the other domain. All right, which hostname are we talking about?

Sorry, I misunderstood!

The domain xxx.aaa.com is cnamed to Cloudflare, the record in the registrar (Gandi):

xxx.aaa 1800 IN CNAME yyy.zzz.co.uk.

The site on the subdomain then goes through CF loadbalancers and all is good.

We need to add MX records for that subdomain and are unable to so through Gandi due to the above CNAME. Is this possible though Cloudflare DNS?

Post the actual domains.

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