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Good Day

I have been with cloudflare for a while now, and love it. I recently switched to a VPS setup with Godaddy and have had no issues. There is only think I can’t quite figure out. And I am assuming this is a DNS entry I am missing.

With the email server all works well in the web app setup. However any phone client I use will not connect to their specified IMAP/POP or SMPT server. I get a “no network” error.

the server is s132-148-91-215.secureserver.net

any thoughts?

Thank you


s132-148-91-215.secureserver.net is the address configured in your mail client? That address does not seem to exist. It does not resolve to any IP address. Contact your host (or whomever is responsible for your mail server) to enquire the actual address you need to use.

This is the address I need to use according to them. And this is why I cannot get the app to work. it won’t resolve. The actual IP is, which does resolved fine.

In that case I’d replace the hostname with the IP address.

I will give it a shot. Thanks

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