DNS settings not set to point to my website

When I go into Cloudflare DNS settings, it shows connected to my site. When I type in my website in a browser, it has a canned GoDaddy page. How do I get it to point to my website?

Clarification, when I type in www. it now shows. When I type in just the domain without www or https:// it reverts back to a GoDaddy site.

Does it have a valid A record?

Yes, it does have an A record. It’s the domainname dot com. No www in front.

A valid A record should consist of an IP address. Does it have one like this?

I can add an A name with @. What do I add after that? The same content number as is in the other A name?

You are required to add the host IP address of your server here. More at here: