DNS settings not propagating

My Wordpress site here musicformy.co.uk had it’s IP changed to so I updated the DNS settings two days ago and the DNS settings still have not propagated. When i check my website domain with DNS Check it says it’s pointing to which I don’t understand.

Also I was using Full encryption mode, but I changed that to flexible around an hour ago.

Screenshot of Cloudflare settings:

Since you have proxy (:orange: ) enabled on that record, you’ll see Cloudflare’s Proxy IPs in DNS Queries. This is normal and expected, Cloudflare needs the requests to flow to them first for them to have features such as Caching, WAF, etc.

Your SSL/TLS Mode should remain Full (Strict) or Off. Anything else is “psuedo-security” at best. Flexible means connections to Cloudflare are encrypted, but connections to your origin are plaintext.
Browser ← HTTPS → Cloudflare ← HTTP → Origin Web Server

The problem with your web server seems unrelated to SSL issues anyways. Your origin web server is returning a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.
You’ll need to work with your hosting provider (whoever is providing the web server at to resolve that error. This is a problem with your origin web server.

If you meant to say that you use a 3rd party tool to check your dns propagation.

It will always show a diferent IP because you’re using Cloudflare proxy otherwise how would you be protected by Cloudflare if anyone can know your server IP?