DNS settings need changed within Deleted Cloudflare URL ghost-writer-book.com


Hi whoever it is,

This is an EMERGENCY, I think my site is going to be completely gone if this isn’t handled soon!!!

I need somebody at CloudFlare to completely Delete my account ghost-writer-book.com . I deleted it, waited over 20 minutes. Input it back and the old settings were still there. Including my old DNS settings. They need changed back (on CloudFlare) to the prior DNS settings:


Either input just the first two, or all three. Either method works, but the best way is to input all three if CloudFlare will accept them. This is for ghost-writer-book.com and not the site I presently am having CloudFlare manage. The site ghost-writer-book.com is a Wordpress.com site and they do not work with CloudFlare, according to Wordpress.com the Happiness Engineer there for business sites. Only Wordpress.org (actual websites) work with CloudFlare, not blog sites hosted on Wordpress.com . The site in question is hosted on Wordpress.com and nowhere else. The original site URL is:

https://rainbowriting.wordpress.com But it points to ghost-writer-book.com and is not a redirect, it’s

I cannot change the DNS settings, so don’t ask me to do so. The site has been Deleted from CloudFlare. But it’s obvious the DNS settings are still there and is pointing to: ghost-writer-book.com which is a mapped domain. I’m all paid for with everything, that is not an issue. The rainbowriting.wordpress.com site is mapped over to ghost-writer-book.com

The below needs to be removed for that site from CloudFlare:


Please change them back to the WordPress settings even if it means inputting ghost-writer-book.com again into the CloudFlare system and then changing the DNS settings back to the WordPress ones. If you give me a way to do it, I will, but I think CloudFlare must do it at this point. Having me reinput the site again won’t work - it won’t let me change the DNS back to Wordpress.com settings.

Karen S. Cole


Hi Karen,

I’ll try and assist but I’m not entirely clear on your situation - thanks for being so thorough though.

If you want it deleted why did you add it back? Just wondering…

Based on my investigation, neither of the domains you listed are using Cloudflare nameservers.

ghost-writer is using the wordpress nameservers:

$ dig ghost-writer-book.com ns +short

These two statements appear contradictory. If wordpress.com hosted sites do not support cloudflare, then adding it to cloudflare would put you right back where you are now (I think).

I would suggest verifying your DNS settings at godaddy (I think this is your registrar?). Based on my whois queries though they are set correctly.

Sorry, this was a bit longwinded and I don’t think I really provided any help… :disappointed:


Hi @karen,

Even if you have deleted the domain from your Cloudflare account, you will still need to login to your registrar (or could also be the host) and change the nameservers back to the default ones they provide. There is nothing that anyone on the Cloudflare side can do to help with that. It’s got to be through your registrar.