DNS settings issue


Google search console has registered some temporary issues with DNS today (my web site: www interconstra com), I have contacted my host and here is their reply:

The parent nameservers are providing glue that disagrees with a recursive lookup of the A record for osmar ns cloudflare com… It is highly recommended that this be corrected. This may result in intermittent and hard to explain resolution failures.
leafdns com /index.cgi?testid=347F5B6C&lock

When we see the cloudflare, the NameServer is pointing to
sreeni ns cloudflare com 108 162 194 178
osmar ns cloudflare com 108 162 195 124
but when we see using rDNS>>
sreeni ns cloudflare com. 108 162 194 178 pointing to same IP correctly but,
osmar ns cloudflare com. is not pointing to same IP instead it points to 172 64 35 124

My current DNS configuration ibb co /n39wNDg

What should I change?



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