DNS settings in Dashboard not updating Cloudflare DNS servers

In short, when I lookup DNS settings on Cloudflare the changes I made 2 days ago are not shown. I don’t believe this is a propagation issue as it isn’t even changed on Cloudflare itself. Also, when running the Cloudflare diagnostic tool it tells me all is fine, but the CNAME and some TXT records are missing.

I had to move my O365 subscription from EU to UK (Brexit impact) which in turns means I had to change tenant. My website and email works (so not a disaster). However I am unable to configure dmarc, dkim, and autodiscovery as the DNS entries in the Dashboard are not shown on the Cloudflare DNS servers.

Any help appreciated!

What’s the domain and what records are we talking about?

Domain is KEBNOA.COM

CNAME entries missing:

  • “autodiscovery” with value autodiscover.outlook.com
  • “selector1._domainkey” with value selector1-kebnoa-com._domainkey.kebnoa.com
  • “selector2._domainkey” with value selector2-kebnoa-com._domainkey.kebnoa.com

TXT entries missing:

So they appear in the dashboard, but are missing from public DNS lookup against Cloudfare DNS.

Thank you,

Except for autodiscovery, all the other records are in place.

For example DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

I swear they weren’t there before posting, but am very happy to be mistaken.

Now a little wait for autodiscovery should resolve everything.

Thank you!

Pleasure, was most likely some local propagation. Cloudflare itself is relatively fast when it comes to announcing DNS changes.

autodiscovery is not there yet. If you have configured it, check for any typos.

Yeah, that was another mistake on my end. I was pointing autodiscovery to autodiscover and this is plain wrong!

Anyway, I am all set now and thank you for showing me how to use DNS checker properly!

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