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So i have a server hosted liquidweb and no one can seem to know the answer so i figure why not ask. I have my domain on my sever and liquidweb has a manager that links to Cloudflare for CDN.

Here is the article on how to set up. In the article it says to “Change your CNAME record for the “www” subdomain to point to “www.yourdomain.com.cdn.Cloudflare.net”.”

My domain doesnt have www. so when i do that it messes everything up and i really dont want to add the www. now because all the backlings and sitemap have all been indexed without it and i dont want a mess. so my question is, according to liq web its “impossibe” to have that set up without www. but i doubt a company like Cloudflare didnt take that into consideration when developing. DNS arent my thing so im sorry if this is a simple question. Also DNS are configured with LiquidWeb not Cloudflare.

BTW right now its setup as www.mydomain.com 3600 CNAME mydomain.com

LiquidWeb’s setup doesn’t want you using the naked domain.

If you don’t want to use their setup, you’ll have to set things up directly through Cloudflare.

Again Im new to DNS. So thanks for patients. My knowledge of DNS is only pointing DNS to NameServer. If i do that would make CF the DNS provider and i guess would i just copy and paste all the records over as they are in LW?

Correct. Your Cloudflare DNS needs to look just like your host DNS.

Sounds Good. Thanks for the help. I was told that keeping it with LW was a better solution, however, I need to keep the domain off of www. and if this is the only way to cache with CF without pointing to WWW. then ill give it a shot and see how it works. thanks for your help!!

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