DNS Settings for Subdomains

Hi All,

Having issues pointing to subdomains, used to manage before but not working from cloudflare.

Basically i have a subdomain dev.website.com pointing to siteground hosting. We use the staging feature on here to quickly spin up duplicates to test things and the way it works is it creates the structure like so:
staging.dev.website.com but i cannot get any of these sub domains to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Not at all or just not on HTTPS?

If the latter → Subdomain too deep

Not at all

What’s the hostname in question?


Well, the hostname is there and resolves fine.

DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Probaby a local DNS issue on your end.

Loads fine too.


The IP on the DNS checker is not what i put in for cloudflare. Should be pointing to

That’s a different issue and has been covered in a thousand threads and is the most fundamental feature of Cloudflare.

You said the name does not resolve at all.

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